Heading to the Finish Line

With only a few months away from the final stages of the Progressive Automotive X-Prize, I look back at all the hard work our 50+ staffers have put towards our goal. Many long hours, uncertainty, optimism, pessimism but in the long run “faith”. Faith in our leader, Carl Guichard, and faith in ourselves to see this thing through to the finish.

We’ve had many disappointments along the way, yet many unforseen friendships and alliances have been brought together for one singular goal. I’ve personally met many interesting people who have taken time away from family and business to see Global-E reach beyond what many thought was not possible in the beginning. We’ve met with entrepreneurs, business leaders, politicians and the every day guy. We’ve held meetings in Mandeville, Baton Rouge, Las Vegas, and Washington, D.C..  

 We are almost there. No, we are there…poised to bring home another championship to our city and poised to bring an alternative fuel source vehicle to Greater New Orleans and beyond.

I’m proud to play a small part in this endeavor.

Blair Touchard


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