Tucker’s Revenge

I recently I found myself musing, “What would Preston Tucker think about the recent events in the automotive sector?  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1948_Tucker_Sedan)

Would he, like most, think this is the Automotive Industry’s darkest hoursomething a long-time coming? Being the man he was, I believe he would seize the opportunity and help shape this into the Industries finest hour!

And low and behold – this paradigm shift is happening right before our eyes! 

The great recession has brought some juggernauts to their knees.  In their void shines truth, sincerity and innovation; ushering in the demand for new levels of value, efficiency, safety and satisfaction.  This will be the recession that makes us great!

Team Global-E rises from the mire as a beacon of hope – a pristine voice above the din of mediocrity.

I originally came to the Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize (PIAXP) as ‘Team Psycho-Active’. Our goal was a radically efficient pneumatic-combustion hybrid chassis: exhibiting many common-sense and radical innovations.

It was at the 2008 New York Auto Show where I first met the likes of Carl and Ron, (Team Global-E), Greg (Belloso Motors), Jim (Physics Lab of Lake Havasu) and other notables.

There I was in New York with incredibly talented, technical out-of-the-box thinkers; a group of passionate, brilliant minds bursting with great intentions and ideas!! The chemistry was incredibleI felt like a giddy teenager who had just gotten his license and first kiss!!  We talked, laughed, learned and shared into wee hours of the morning.  

Of course, being ‘competitors’, we held much back, wished each other well, and went our separate ways. 

A lot has transpired in those two years.  Yet, low and behold, here we are again!  Many of the same people who cantankerously rumbled through that night, joined together in one accord, under the auspices of, and along-side, Team Global-E.

On the surface, Global-E may appear to be just another car company.  But rest assured, under its surface is a boiling caldron of innovation and passion, focused and determined to restore the allure of the automobile.

Preston Tucker would be proud of such fine minds and spirits, the likes of Global-E, PIAXP, and others, diligently at work crafting what will be automotives’ golden era.

John Robitaille




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