A Glimpse into the Future as Seen in the Past

When the Wright brothers first began experimenting with the concepts of flight they had many hurdles to overcome. The three primary hurdles may be grouped as basic acronymic concepts, propulsion and materials. They laid the groundwork for the fundamental s of flight that we use today. The internal combustion engine was early in its development and certainly not designed for flight. Its power to weight ratio was hideous but by WWI lighter and stronger engines were built and flight was on its way. During WWII the jet engine was invented. Soon after the war, commercial flight became mainstream due to commercial production of the jet. The prop plane did not disappear but its use was greatly diminished. Has the jet engine changed much in the past 50 years? We’ve improved the materials, efficiency and reliability but the basic concept of compressing air and igniting fuel through a converging-diverging nozzle remains the same. At some point a new form of propulsion will be developed and that will push the jet aside much like the jet did for the propeller.

So, what does this have to do with Global-E? I believe the internal combustion engine is nearing the same fate as the propeller. It’s a technology that in essence has not changed in nearly 90 years. The reality is that even today’s high efficiency motors are really not that efficient. It may take a decade or more to develop a technology that can replace the ICE and Global-E will be on the forefront of that wave. We are at the right time and mindset to develop the next propulsion system for our vehicles. High energy cost, dwindling oil supplies, global warming, pollution are all issues that have converged making it the right time to begin the creative evolution of the next generation drive system. The necessity, economics and demand support our cause as we create the history in the coming decade.

Eric Belaski


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