From Dreams to Reality Part II – By Pietro Giovenco

A few short years ago I began to follow the development of the green auto industry. I found blogs devoted to the subject and read every article I could find trying to learn as much as possible about these new technologies. I was on the SAE Clean Snowmobile team at my school, and we were trying to see if any of these new developments could help us clean up our pollutive and inefficient snowmobile. We looked into hydrogen injection and thermoelectric generators, and in the midst of all this research, I realized what I wanted to pursue as a career. Like my teams’ snowmobiles, modern cars are unnecessarily pollutive and inefficient. I want to change that.

      There is a huge market gap for alternative powered vehicles right now. Companies like Tesla and Fisker are proof that a car company can enter what was previously a market dominated by massive companies. The problem is that no company currently offers a mainstream electric vehicle. Major automakers are afraid to put forth significant effort in developing an electric car because by building and marketing an EV to its full potential, these auto giants must acknowledge that everything else they build is obsolete.

I recently had the opportunity to drive Pulse, Global-E’s fully electric vehicle. With only a little more development and refinement, this car is a perfectly viable alternative to any mainstream gas powered car on the road today. Not only is this car mechanically viable, it makes perfect economic sense. This car will not cost much more than any other car its size, and it obviously doesn’t require those ever-so-costly trips to the gas station every week. Also, this car has significantly fewer moving parts and requires much less maintenance (oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, etc). So in other words, electric cars can be better than internal combustion cars in just about every way and Pulse could be the first mainstream electric car available for purchase by the masses. 

      So back to my original point: I see a huge opportunity to get involved and make some significant contributions to the alternative energy field in the auto industry, regardless of whether or not a ‘major’ automaker will embrace me for that. I have set my goals and I’m working like hell to make them reality. I am actively pursuing a career in the auto industry and through some serious networking I’ve managed to become involved with Global-E. Consider this my opportunity of a lifetime. As a Junior in College I’ve managed to stumble upon a startup car company that shares my vision and my values. I now have the chance to put my interests, my enthusiasm, my knowledge, and my desire to make a change to good use in the best possible setting. So here’s for all you people out there who have a dream, that if you work hard enough and look in all the right places, you’ll be able to attain anything imaginable. I’m making mine happen, are you?


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