A Louisiana Take on the BP Oil Disaster by Billy Shulz

In the wake of the recent British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon tragedy, many of us have now been exposed to not only the economic costs of dependence on fuel-inefficient vehicles (who burn through oil at a most unsustainable pace), but also the unacceptably high human and environmental costs of offshore oil drilling.  That we may better learn the value of conservation of our homes, our environment, and, most importantly, our families (eleven families will grieve for the loss of their loved ones onboard the Deepwater Horizon), we must look toward a future that includes sustainable transportation and that future will only be made possible by our support for the development of the next generation of super-efficient vehicles that Global-E is developing.  In order to limit the potential for the occurrence of another tragedy like the Deepwater Horizon, our demand for oil must slow – this will only be made possible, as we are well aware, by the creation of a new transportation infrastructure which includes high-speed railways, ultra-light aircraft, and highly fuel efficient vehicles.  We now know the tremendous cost of reckless demand for oil, be it foreign or domestic, and in order to help secure our energy independence and the protection of our environment and our families for the future, we at Global-E are working night-and-day to provide a small part of that future.  I, for one, am very proud to be part of building a safer, cleaner future for our world, and it is my most sincere hope that our work today will help to prevent another tragedy like the Deepwater Horizon from ever happening again.


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