We’ve got passenger vehicles covered…what about the rest!

Everybody has probably heard the sound…its usually on weekend mornings…many times when you are a kid and trying to sleep a bit late, its sort of an annoying buzz….ok ok, maybe even as an adult…

I’m talking about the sounds of gasoline powere lawn equipment. With all of our ( justified) concentration on alternative fuel vehicles, I along with many of you, have begun to see opportunities for energy efficiency in some places that may not be commonly talked about. One example is that very machinery that keeps you from sleeping too late on the weekend. It could be a leaf blower, a lawn mower, a trimmer, a chainsaw….many of these run on gasoline. Why shouldnt every single last one of these machines be fuel efficient or fuel free as well!

Why shouldnt every UPS/Fedex truck or Post Office or public bus or airplane or boat be ultra fuel efficient as well!

With all that we are learning in the Progressive Automotive  X-P rize, i believe it is our responsibility to apply this technology to as many mediums as possible, even those we dont generally think about or see as often!



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