The Power of Technology

Yesterday I sat at a computer in Miami and watched on LIVE video feed while the PIAXP contestants made their rounds on Michigan International Speedway. Many of us, including myself at times, take technology like this for granted because we get accustomed to it quickly and then expect more (i.e. wanting a faster frame rate LOL). Immagine what that first sentence would have sounded like to someone 100 years ago.

As inspired as I was watching my fellow team mates and the other teams compete on the track, I can immagine how inspiring it is for a child or young person who is following the competition and gets to see automotive history unfold. We are actually putting these vehicles through rigorous real world testing and must pass strict criterea or face elimination.

The reason I address the power of technology is because for many scientific and technical breakthroughs that have happened over the years, being able to see the process of development and testing has been out of the question. For this reason, it is easy for someone to think that some sort of magic or “rocket science” was used to achieve these breakthroughs. OK OK so our team leader IS a rocket scientist and we did apply some voodoo magic to the design of the vehicles, but the beauty of it is that anyone can see it before their eyes on live video!

Anyone in the world can now see groups of women and men of diverse backgrounds, ages, and education- many of which who might have never otherwise met eachother- join together in a competition to design and build the worlds most efficient passenger vehicles. Global-E realizes the responsibility of inspiring current and future generations of innovators and we are proud to do our part…we are LOUISIANA PROUD.




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