Price for 100% Electric Vehicle – We Need Your Input!


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  1. An electric car has limited range that greatly decreases their value to the average consumer. Most people use their cars for road trips. Hence the value of an all-electric vehicle to most people is much less than conventional cars with virtually unlimited range. The survey needs an option for under $20,000. Indeed, it needs an option under $10,000.

    Of course, the wording skips around this points by asking, “How much would you *expect* to pay…”. The important question is, “How much would you pay?”


  2. Hi Bruce. Thanks for participating in our Blog as we welcome all feedback. In the case of this poll, the wording was chosen specifically because the questions “How much would you pay” and “how much would you expect to pay” are quite different. In market research, the wording of a poll is critical to its success as an indicator of a responder’s opinion. in this instance, obviously everyone would like to pay a low price for any vehicle of transportation, but the point of this poll is to study what our readership would expect an electric car to cost.

    Considering that the number of driveline components in an electric car are far fewer than in an ICE vehicle, it follows that eventually we expect pricing to be lower than an ICE vehicle. At this time, however, the price of the technology going into electric vehicles must be accounted for and reflective of true manufacturing costs. Do I think that one day the price of an electric vehicle could approach $10,000 dollars? Sure why not.

    Regarding the statement that most people use their cars for road trips, I have to completely disagree with that. I could cite numerous sources of data from public and private sources that would substantiate the fact that the vast majority of fuel consumed by motor vehicles is a result of commuting.



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