Neatly nestled in a wooded area on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain Louisiana, 30 miles from New Orleans, a new car company is emerging. At the corporate headquarters of Global-E, two fully functional prototype vehicles that achieve over 100mpg lie ready to ambush the overpriced and outdated auto industry. One of these vehicles, the fully electric plug in “Pulse”, is slated for production in late 2010 at a price of 23 to 27 thousand dollars. It is a sport compact hatch that can travel 100 miles per charge using Lithium Ion batteries and a proprietary ultra capacitor system. The company was founded in 2008 by Carl Guichard, a former Aerospace Engineer at Stennis Space Center. Our team of over 50 engineers and entrepreneurs combines expertise in the Aerospace, Manufacturing, and Business fields and applies it to the hybrid and electric vehicle market. With our diverse pool of talent, Global-E is able to redefine outdated and inefficient design and manufacturing practices while creating a safe and quality vehicle that consumers want to and can afford to buy. Headquarters and initial assembly operations will be based around New Orleans, with front door access to Mississippi river ports. Team Global-E is also a finalist in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize, a ten million dollar international competition to create an economically viable vehicle that averages more than 100 miles per gallon. We are currently in the final stages of selection for our primary manufacturing facility and will soon be competing in the final stages of the Automotive X-Prize.


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